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As one of Melbourne's longest established hearing providers, hearservice fits and services leading hearing aid brands.  hearservice prides itself as being an independent  provider: this means that we are not owned by or  aligned with any particular manufacturer, which makes us different. We have the flexibility and freedom to tailor a solution to meet your particular hearing needs. You will always receive honest advice that you can trust. hearservice Audiologists are fully trained in the latest technology and fitting procedures.

Client: "I have found the hearservice Audiologists to be extremely helpful, patient, honest, sympathetic and in general brilliant to deal with.  I have always felt confident with the advice provided to me during my years of patronage with hearservice."

Hearing Aid Types

There are many different types and levels of hearing loss, so it's important to be fitted with the right kind of device to suit your particular situation.  During a hearing aid discussion appointment with a hearservice audiologist, you can discuss everything from your lifestyle, situations you're having difficulty in, and your expectations for your new hearing aids.  From there, you can decide together which option  would suit you best. You will be able to choose from a wide range of manufacturers, and different styles - everything from behind the ear or receiver in the ear, to in the canal or CROS aids. More information about the different types of heairng aids mentioned can be found in the link above.

Hearing Aid Technology

 Hearing aid technology is constantly evolving to better suit the difficulties you may typically face when you have a hearing loss.  Multi program aids allow you to choose different settings depending on your environment or let the aid do this automatically.  Directional microphones and noise reduction features can help you hear better in those noisy situations where background noise is troublesome.

Maintenance and Servicing

Hearing aids can be expensive, so it's a good idea to perform some basic maintenence on a regular basis.  Keeping your aids clean, and dry can certainly help prevent breakdowns and the need for repair.

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