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speech pathology services melbourne

Speech pathology services Melbourne

We are passionate about communication. Communication is central to our interactions with others and the world around us. Sometimes, however, our ability to communicate might affect our social participation, job prospects and personal wellbeing.

Our speech pathology services in Melbourne can help with communication, speech and language, and swallowing for any person aged 12 and older. Our speech pathology services are delivered by certified practicing speech pathologists. All programs are supported by evidence-based research and are fully integrated with other Vicdeaf services.

We respect the language preferences and cultural needs of all clients. If you are hard of hearing or Deaf, and developing your communication is important, our speech pathologists can help.

Download our Guide to Speech Pathology Services.

Our speech pathology offer

Communication assessment

Our services include a communication assessment*, which involves:

  • A comprehensive consultation to understand needs and set goals
  • Assessment of abilities in specific areas
  • Customised treatments
  • Developing listening and communication strategies
  • A detailed report with recommendations
  • Ongoing support

*Your communication assessment can be in Auslan or English. If you need an Auslan interpreter, ask us when booking your appointment.

Speech, language and literacy

Our speech, language and literacy service may involve:

  • Evaluation of communication and language
  • Assessment of speech, comprehension and speech production
  • Assessment of language comprehension and its use
  • Assessment and treatment of vocabulary use and understanding
  • Voice training

Swallowing and feeding

Our swallowing and feeding service may involve:

  • Meal observation
  • Oral examination
  • Development of a mealtime profile


Fees may apply for these services. You may be eligible for rebates through Medicare, NDIS or Workcover. Contact us to learn more.

Speech pathology services are currently available at the following sites:

East Melbourne | Oakleigh | Box Hill | Geelong | Preston 

If you would like to know more about our speech pathology services, or would like an appointment with one of our certified practicing speech pathologists, please contact us  or click below to book a time.

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East Melbourne

Level 2
340 Albert St
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East Melbourne, VIC 3002

Tel03 9473 1133
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Box Hill

Suite 15, Upper Level
17 Market St
Box Hill, VIC 3128

Tel03 9890 2500
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Level 3
20 Atherton Rd
Oakleigh, VIC 3166

Tel03 9567 0400
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